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Mundomar Benidorm is a marine and exotic animal theme park in Benidorm. Visitors can take a fascinating trip through the water-based world of sea lions, penguins, dolphins and much more.

Suitable for all ages from grandparents to tots, Mundomar Benidorm offers a variety of shows and performances by many of the animals, who clearly enjoy their beautiful natural-habitat surroundings.

A Great Value Treat That You Can't Afford To Miss!
Go on and treat the family to a memorable, entertaining and educational day in the Mediterranean sunshine with our great value Mundomar Benidorm ticket offer. You'll be glad that you did!

And Guess What's Next Door?

Situated right next to Mundomar Benidorm is Aqualandia Benidorm, an enormous water park with rides and attractions to keep the whole family happy for days! If you'd like to know more about Aqualandia or maybe combine a day with a visit to both parks, then take a look at our Aqualandia Benidorm pages for some great offers.

For your convenience, buses visit Mundomar Benidorm every 30 minutes.

Dolphin Drama!
One of the legendary shows at Mundomar Benidorm is the spectacular dolphin ballet which, for a different perspective, you can watch from a 'sunken' galleon underwater glass viewing area. The dolphin ballet performed with members of the Spanish Synchronised Swimming Team is a memorable treat and not to be missed.

Parrots on Pushbikes?
This ever-popular show is a hit with everyone, especially children. Parrots are known to be intelligent, but have you ever seen a parrot on a pushbike? This unusual and amusing show is entertaining and wonderful to watch, not least because of the obvious affection between the parrots and their keepers.  Along with the bats in the bat cave, this is another 'must see' attraction at Mundomar Benidorm.

Much More To Explore at Mundomar Benidorm
You are greeted at Mundomar Benidorm by a beautiful lagoon with a colourful array of flamingos, tropical and exotic birds. You are welcome to explore the surrounding dense, luscious vegetation, and meander across bridges and paths that take you closer than you'd think possible to this kaleidoscope of bright-hued birdlife.

A Wealth of Wildlife
As a worthy member of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals, Mundomar Benidorm is not simply a theme park, but also a unique opportunity to learn more about a myriad of wildlife in an interesting and entertaining way. Peek into the world of owls, lemurs, bats, giant turtles and more along with the dolphins, sea lions, parrots and penguins.

Everything You Need at Mundomar Benidorm
There are plenty of shaded areas, lawns and picnic spots at Mundomar Benidorm, along with a restaurant and shops to explore. For the little ones, there is also a great fun park to keep them entertained whilst you have a well-earned rest!

Ticket Information

Enjoy a day of animal antics with 1 day access to Mundomar Benidorm.

Please Note: Tickets are valid in year of purchase only.

Mundomar is an animal park located in:

C/ Sierra Helada s/n
03503, Benidorm (Alicante)

Please note that the parks reserve the right to change prices / discounts at any given time and due to routine maintenance to close attractions for a period of time. In any case notification of such events will be communicated at the ticket office.


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