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City Breaks

Bright lights and city sites, you can experience both with our wide range of short breaks.

From culture rich cities to the top shopping meccas of the World, our range of city escapes, and short breaks provide flexible, shorter durations, allowing you to choose a break perfect for your needs.  

Capital Cities such as Paris, Rome, Prague, Reykjavik, and Budapest are amongst our top choices, whilst cultural destinations like Krakow, and Dubrovnik are also worth a visit.

Further afield, exciting cities await, why not hit the infamous stores of 5th Avenue in New York, the bright lights in Las Vegas or even the awe-inspiring sites of Dubai and the Emirates.

At the Travel Organisers, we believe that Short Breaks do not always have to be action-packed. That’s why, we also offer shorter, flexible durations to some of your favourite beach destinations too. Perfect for escaping reality for just a few precious days.

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